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Kill None But The Brave Lover

No mistress is so passing fair       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

As Bluebeard in his grave       [loaf ]

A mistress can be anywhere       [Chevalier ]

And still not misbehave       [loaf ]

But I, who call no mistress mine,       [Chevalier ]

Bluebeard still calls his mate       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Which serves, perhaps, to redefine       [loaf ]

The lusts I need to sate.       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

When life and death stand side by side       [loaf ]

It's hard to make a choice       [Chevalier ]

When cereal and cyanide       [loaf ]

Cry out with equal voice       [Kansas Sam ]

Yet I, who favour neither fate       [loaf ]

Now flip a coin unfair       [Kansas Sam ]

As Bluebeard opens wide the gate       [loaf ]

And leaves me standing there       [Chevalier ]

Contributors: Kevin Andrew Murphy, loaf, Chevalier, Kansas Sam.
Poem finished: 9th August 2006 by loaf.