The Spoonbill Generator

Nothing But Our Static Senses

The Witch-Queen wrought an awful curse:       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

"May your buttocks be gnawed by a goat"       [F ]

"May your nipples be sucked by a stoat"       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

"May Newsweek misprint your quote"       [F ]

... or not.       [me ]

The Black Knight swore a hellish oath:       [F ]

"If I fail to recover the grail,       [Chevalier ]

I will perch on the end of a nail       [jeffmute ]

After posting my profitless mail"       [Helen Owly ]

... Got wot       [Hillbeck ]

The Vi-King read a runic writ:       [F ]

"Let all who attend me take heed,       [Chevalier ]

Henceforth I will scatter my seed       [F ]

To ensure the success of my breed"       [Chevalier ]

... or not       [F ]

Contributors: Kevin Andrew Murphy, F, me, Chevalier, jeffmute, Helen Owly, Hillbeck.
Poem finished: 1st August 2006 by Chevalier.