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Malodorous Relatives By Night

A grave is not a flowerbed       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

According to my Uncle Fred       [F ]

But, rather, like a compost heap;       [will h ]

From it foul odors seep       [F ]

They seep like fumes from Uncle Fred       [Helen Owly ]

As noxious as if he were dead       [Chevalier ]

Perhaps he is; we never check       [F ]

We dare not touch his neck       [Chevalier ]

His neck is green and brown and red       [Helen Owly ]

And loiters in the garden shed       [Hillbeck ]

Among the rusty spades and rakes       [F ]

And countless other bad mistakes       [loaf ]

Mistakes like those of Uncle Fred       [Kansas Sam ]

Display a character ill-bred       [Chevalier ]

A man who never washed his socks       [F ]

And left his nieces with the pox       [loaf ]

The pox that Uncle Fred had spread       [Kansas Sam ]

Like grains of rice when maids are wed       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Was soon dispersed thoughout the town       [Chevalier ]

From 'Star and Garter' to 'The Crown'       [loaf ]

And yet how fondly we recall       [F ]

The thrill of it all       [loaf ]

Contributors: Kevin Andrew Murphy, F, will h, Helen Owly, Chevalier, Hillbeck, loaf, Kansas Sam.
Poem finished: 31st July 2006 by Kansas Sam.