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Void Of Open Finery

Beringed, beribboned, clad in silks       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

And mounted on a mule,       [Apsley ]

I castigated Arthur Wilkes       [a priori ]

And sold his winter fuel       [Apsley ]

Yet Arthur, having patient mien       [Kansas Sam ]

And looks to kill them dead,       [Apsley ]

Besought the humble chili bean       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

To speak response unsaid       [Kansas Sam ]

So Arthur opened wide his mouth       [Apsley ]

While lifting high one leg       [Kansas Sam ]

As he had learnt whilst in The South       [Apsley ]

From Colonel Sanders' egg       [Chevalier ]

This odd position served him ill       [F ]

For I'd brought my bazooka       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

I bade him keep extremely still       [Chevalier ]

And ran off with his hookah       [Two Loos ]

Arthur Wilkes then sued my cat       [Apsley ]

For scratching out his eyes       [F ]

And pissing on his favourite hat       [Apsley ]

Whilst making curly fries       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

The judge declared the case was null       [Apsley ]

Which caused my cat to void       [Kansas Sam ]

He'd found the courtroom scene quite dull       [F ]

Compared to Andrew Lloyd       [Kansas Sam ]

Still, hashish-crazed, I shelled the court       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Whilst in pompei I roamed       [Nigel Sly ]

And looked at things, both long and short,       [Apsley ]

Bazookas make undomed       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Arthur Wilkes impassive stayed       [Apsley ]

(Like Justice, he was blind)       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

But merely back- and forwards swayed       [Apsley ]

With cat-scratch-fevered mind       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Contributors: Kevin Andrew Murphy, Apsley, a priori, Kansas Sam, Chevalier, F, Two Loos, Nigel Sly.
Poem finished: 18th July 2006 by Chevalier.