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Socialists Challenging A Shutdown

A dinghy's captain, fearing wreck       [Kansas Sam ]

Upon the briny bay,       [Apsley ]

Secured a hawser round his neck       [loaf ]

Then, swigging down some Triple Sec       [F ]

Jumped headlong off the tiny deck       [Helen Owly ]

Into the briny bay       [loaf ]

The mate, though a mighty sailin' man       [Helen Owly ]

He shut his eyes in glee       [loaf ]

Imagining some Spanish flan       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Ablaze in a corroded pan       [loaf ]

Fried up by tour-ist Mary Ann       [Kansas Sam ]

Who shuts her eyes with glee       [loaf ]

The bo'sun, standing by the wheel       [Chevalier ]

Found nothing left to say       [Trad (ish) ]

He turned upon his horny heel       [Chevalier ]

And found himself a piece of veal       [Apsley ]

Since wreck, once feared, was all too real       [Kansas Sam ]

With nothing left to say       [(trad) ]

Contributors: Kansas Sam, Apsley, loaf, F, Helen Owly, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Chevalier, Trad (ish), (trad).
Poem finished: 6th July 2006 by Apsley.