The Spoonbill Generator

Lingerie Throughout

Now harken to a tale so vile       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

I shudder to recount it       [F ]

"The Harlot and the Crocodile"       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

You choose which has the wider smile       [F ]

Or where, and who will mount it.       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

The climax of the sordid plot       [F ]

Drew moans from all its hearers       [Kansas Sam ]

The interspecies sport was fraught       [F ]

With pounding like a juggernaut       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

And there were ceiling mirrors       [F ]

"Insh'allah! AH!" the Harlot cried       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

The befuddled croc said, "Huh?"       [F ]

And then he goggled, horrified,       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

As from his jaws she deftly pried       [F ]

Her sex dwarf, Abdulluh.       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

This little man was four foot two       [Nym ]

If measured head to heel       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

His eyes were red, his hair was blue       [Chevalier ]

He seemed to know just what to do       [F ]

With "two-foot-four," his eel...       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Contributors: Kevin Andrew Murphy, F, Kansas Sam, Nym, Chevalier.
Poem finished: 1st July 2006 by F.