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Two Grebes Adrift

You shall not fail to summon me       [loaf ]

Nor I to run away, pardee!       [Apsley ]

All lessons have been tossed aside       [loaf ]

Except the one to give more side       [Apsley ]

To those who lack convincing shape       [Chevalier ]

And imitate that bird the snape       [Apsley ]

While running round the garden pond       [Chevalier ]

And catching echoes from beyond       [loaf ]

The quartets of our youth       [Apsley ]

The quartets of our youth shall ring       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

And summon me to prayer       [Apsley ]

And though I hear the choir sing       [Chevalier ]

I'll shake my derrierre       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

With hope of wresting colonnades       [Helen Owly ]

From champions and kings       [Apsley ]

Then mince them up for marmalades       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

And other pointless things       [loaf ]

That sumon up all truth       [Apsley ]

That summon up all truthiness       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

And lock it in the shed       [Apsley ]

Among the punctured ironing-boards       [loaf ]

That made dear Ruthie bless       [Apsley ]

The tee-shirt printer and his stooge       [loaf ]

And what the butler read       [Apsley ]

(or red since he was daubed with rouge       [loaf ]

From sundry diving-boards)       [Apsley ]

Was nothing like 'Vermouth'       [loaf ]

Contributors: loaf, Apsley, Chevalier, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Helen Owly.
Poem finished: 25th June 2006 by Apsley.