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Tights For A Prophylactic Railroad

I shall not fail to summon you       [loaf ]

I shall not want a cause       [Apsley ]

Yet if you doff your mildewed hat       [loaf ]

I'll give the whole thing pause       [Apsley ]

No man alive will come to you       [(trad) ]

No man will stroke your cat       [Apsley ]

Small children shall throw dung on you       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Where others merely spat       [Apsley ]

You shall not want for enemies       [Chevalier ]

You shall not want their hate       [Apsley ]

Yet in your marzipan moustache       [loaf ]

There lies your joyless fate       [Nym ]

You shall not fail to suffer when       [loaf ]

I feed you Raisinets       [Kansas Sam ]

And jujubes, you duffer, then       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

You'll gulp my anisettes       [F ]

You know that we shall meet again       [(trad) ]

The Jelly Babies' curse       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Shall swallow up The Hollow Men       [Apsley ]

In non sequiturs of verse       [Kansas Sam ]

I shall not write an epitaph       [Chevalier ]

(Not with this bloody fountain pen!)       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

No, I'll ablate your epigraph       [Helen Owly ]

And lock it in a mountain pen       [Apsley ]

Contributors: loaf, Apsley, (trad), Kevin Andrew Murphy, Chevalier, Nym, Kansas Sam, F, Helen Owly.
Poem finished: 23rd June 2006 by F.