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Steam Calendar

St. Swithin's Day? Is that in May?       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Or else in darkest June       [loaf ]

And can I spell it anyway?       [Apsley ]

St Olaf's Eve? It must have passed       [loaf ]

Or else will be a boon       [Apsley ]

I hear the party's quite a blast.       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

St Dogma's death ... we dress in blue       [loaf ]

And carry a balloon       [Apsley ]

But no-one likes the ballyhoo       [loaf ]

Sanctifying words of valediction - from the poets to the text:       [Apsley ]

More meds I need? Pray, tell me why?       [Helen Owly ]

Ere we shall live, we have to die       [loaf ]

Contributors: Kevin Andrew Murphy, loaf, Apsley, Helen Owly.
Poem finished: 21st June 2006 by Helen Owly.