The Spoonbill Generator

Fasting Myths

That loathsome letter taints the page       [loaf ]

Of Hrothgar's Book of Spells       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

A triple 'k'       [loaf ]

Malign and fey       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

As Cthulhu danger smells       [Apsley ]

From Al Hazred, mad Arab mage       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Who rode from noon till night,       [Apsley ]

A double 'g'       [loaf ]

With sympathy       [Nym ]

To aid the shoggoths' plight       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

And now they steal the alphabet       [(thanks, Keith) ]

As Ycnágnnisssz's name demands       [Nym ]

A triple 's'       [Apsley ]

And a with stress       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

The Elder understands       [Nym ]

Meanwhile, Nollop makes his mark       [Apsley ]

Upon the tainted page       [Chevalier ]

A single 'f'       [loaf ]

With no 'ff'       [Apsley ]

To spell the final age.       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Contributors: loaf, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Apsley, Nym, (thanks, Keith), Chevalier.
Poem finished: 15th June 2006 by loaf.