The Spoonbill Generator

Monday Present

Before you read the second line       [loaf ]

The first will hide its Name       [Apsley ]

As six turns out to be nine       [Hendrix ]

In this Unholy Game       [Apsley ]

Where bishops dare not move       [loaf ]

Everybody knows your name       [Sam Malone ]

We need not stoop to prove       [loaf ]

The precepts that we drive       [Apsley ]

Madonna's into the groove       [asdf ]

And if you are alive       [loaf ]

With rooks forswear to march       [Apsley ]

Nor in their castles thrive       [loaf ]

Quod erat in principio:       [Apsley ]

"St. Cuthbert was a gigolo!"       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

(So say all the Esquimaux)       [Apsley ]

Contributors: loaf, Apsley, Hendrix, Sam Malone, asdf, Kevin Andrew Murphy.
Poem finished: 12th June 2006 by Surlaw.