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No Peppermint Drops

The clouds are filled with bicycles       [Nym ]

And hebephrenic nuns       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Who often scoop up RiciclesŪ       [Apsley ]

And give themselves the runs       [loaf ]

That's why it's raining 'Holy Shit'       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

On all who dwell below       [loaf ]

In what we, fondly, call The Pit       [Apsley ]

To honor E. A. Poe       [Kansas Sam ]

For we are febrile poetists       [Apsley ]

Complete with ham and cheese       [asdf ]

And, though we have a go at cysts,       [Apsley ]

Their puncture ain't no breeze       [asdf ]

That's why our limbs are quarter-size       [loaf ]

Like George's head, on coins       [Kansas Sam ]

While Laura Bush has thunder thighs       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

And massive oxen loins       [F ]

Envoi:       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

To cauterise redundant dross       [loaf ]

Expunge this poem - without loss       [Apsley ]

(Be not so cross--it's not good joss)       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

(The secret's in The Special Sauce)       [Kansas Sam ]

Contributors: Nym, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Apsley, loaf, Kansas Sam, asdf, F.
Poem finished: 12th June 2006 by loaf.