The Spoonbill Generator

Lark Ovaries

Have you ever thought of trimming your moustache?       [Nym ]

You're waxing, but your sex appeal is waning       [dkb ]

Would you ever contemplate submersion in the marsh?       [loaf ]

It's simply that the others are complaining       [Juan of the Pines ]

That your ceaseless Tantric chanting's dull and harsh       [loaf ]

Has that Rainy Taxi pulled up to our door?       [dkb ]

It's hackneyed, but a handsome cab in essence       [loaf ]

Would you ever contemplate submission on the floor?       [(trad-ish) ]

Rolling in the hay without a thought to such nonsence       [Anon. ]

Believing all conventions are a bore.       [loaf ]

Has the Foo of Dyspepsia shat on your head?       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

Leaving nothing further to be said?       [loaf ]

Contributors: Nym, dkb, loaf, Juan of the Pines, (trad-ish), Anon., Kevin Andrew Murphy.
Poem finished: 7th June 2006 by dkb.