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Inbred Heirloom

To generate hysteria, the Queen declared the area       [Nym ]

Surrounding sundry monuments to be a hairy eminence       [Apsley ]

Where certain of her citizens could take to task the denizens       [loaf ]

Of Latvia and Serbia - of Portsmouth and North Korea:       [Apsley ]

"We see" she noted loftily "that they have sneaked in craftily"       [Chevalier ]

Yet let the dastards penetrate! We'll forcibly defenestrate       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

All those who'd overthrow the Crown; they shall themselves be overthrown       [Chevalier ]

and then consigned unto my dungeon!" she laughed, her toilet plunger plungin'       [Kevin Andrew Murphy ]

The Queen, you see, was quite insane, the product of an inbred brain       [Juan of the Pines ]

Contributors: Nym, Apsley, loaf, Chevalier, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Juan of the Pines.
Poem finished: 30th May 2006 by Anon..