The Spoonbill Generator

Men Without Equations

Are you prepared to reveal       [loaf ]

The tickler behind your new zeal       [Kansas Sam ]

That stings your remorse       [loaf ]

And fuels your divorce       [Kansas Sam ]

And stymies your right to appeal?       [loaf ]

Are you prepared to disclose       [Chevalier ]

The tickling between your twelve toes       [Kansas Sam ]

That blinds you with rage       [loaf ]

And rattles your cage       [ethetran ]

And gives great relief to your foes?       [Chevalier ]

Are you intent on your plan       [loaf ]

To tickle your way through Japan?       [Chevalier ]

Will feathers and fluff       [Kansas Sam ]

And kinkier stuff       [Nym ]

Keep you out of the thrall of The Man?       [Chevalier ]

No! These are secrets sublime!       [loaf ]

Too mystic for limerick rhyme!       [Kansas Sam ]

I shall never disclose       [Nym ]

Not in verse nor in prose       [loaf ]

Just how I committed the crime       [Nym ]

Contributors: loaf, Kansas Sam, Chevalier, ethetran, Nym.
Poem finished: 15th May 2006 by loaf.