The Spoonbill Generator

When London Rose

Could it be summer's here?       [Chevalier ]

All our clothes are gone       [loaf ]

And clouts did disappear       [Apsley ]

As likewise has the Sun       [Chevalier ]

The blossom, sluiced by gouts of rain       [loaf ]

Is strewn across my lawn again       [Nym ]

Never mind, false alarm       [Chevalier ]

Yet the winds do blow       [loaf ]

And spring has lost its charm       [Nym ]

(As many rightly know)       [Apsley ]

So waiting, watching hours pass       [Nym ]

My blossom blows across the grass       [loaf ]

Blossom, rest your head!       [Apsley ]

Tempest, cease thy blast!       [loaf ]

The weatherman has said       [Nym ]

"Blue skies come, at last!"       [Kansas Sam ]

But we, who've heard it all before,       [Chevalier ]

Know what to heed, and what ignore       [loaf ]

Poor blossom knew, as well       [Helen Owly ]

As any rightly might,       [Apsley ]

That truth, though hard to tell       [loaf ]

Is ludicrous to fight       [Nym ]

We have not seen the end of frost       [Chevalier ]

When summer's sun's forever lost       [Kansas Sam ]

Contributors: Chevalier, loaf, Apsley, Nym, Kansas Sam, Helen Owly.
Poem finished: 12th May 2006 by loaf.