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22 Catheters Soaked By Circumstance

Who could resist       [loaf ]

To burst a cyst       [Apsley ]

To lance the public boil?       [loaf ]

With its heady toil and moil       [Apsley ]

When it's half un-kissed       [loaf ]

We sha'n't desist       [Chevalier ]

This rigmarole       [Apsley ]

Who can explain       [Chevalier ]

The human brain       [loaf ]

That sits inside our head?       [Apsley ]

If we leave it on the bed       [loaf ]

We shall soon be sane       [Chevalier ]

And will remain       [P ]

Entirely whole       [Chevalier ]

Who could object       [P ]

Or end up wrecked       [loaf ]

To know what we have known?       [Apsley ]

With nothing but a groan       [loaf ]

And a smile to infect       [Apsley ]

And a laugh to dissect       [loaf ]

The hapless mole       [Chevalier ]

Contributors: loaf, Apsley, Chevalier, P.
Poem finished: 11th May 2006 by Roland.