The Spoonbill Generator

White Hotels, Lakes Ablaze, And Blossoms All Falling

Made deaf by the sound of the sea       [Surlaw ]

Henry murmurs Ada's name       [Apsley ]

Though he never mentions me       [Surlaw ]

In my swift-forgotten fame       [Apsley ]

He never mentions Ada       [Surlaw ]

In the same breath as her ghost       [Apsley ]

His finger on the fader       [Surlaw ]

That celebrates the host       [Apsley ]

Made deaf by the sound of the sea       [Surlaw ]

Silence chews upon the cud       [Apsley ]

No reverberations, free       [Surlaw ]

Formed passages in the mud       [Apsley ]

We never mention Arthur       [Surlaw ]

(Whose hot breath burnt through the toast)       [Apsley ]

His finger on the father       [Surlaw ]

Who adumbrates the most       [Apsley ]

Contributors: Surlaw, Apsley.
Poem finished: 11th May 2006 by loaf.