The Spoonbill Generator

Good Bugs

We must perform a Quirkafleeg       [loaf ]

I'll grab an Iowegian       [Helen Owly ]

We'll hum the songs of Edvard Grieg       [Chevalier ]

That Morning Mood Norwegian       [Kansas Sam ]

Who cares about the Football League?       [dkb ]

Its devotees are legion       [loaf ]

It's well past time to post a rant       [Kansas Sam ]

Before the gods we anger       [Chevalier ]

Our resolution's adamant       [St. Simoleon of Swab ]

We'll make our way to Bangor       [dkb ]

       [loaf ]

To mourn the late Professor Kant       [loaf ]

I now propose a toast       [Kansas Sam ]

Attended by a corybant       [Chevalier ]

And drunk by Pepper's ghost       [loaf ]

There are no Gods       [Anon. ]

At these odds ...       [loaf ]

Contributors: loaf, Helen Owly, Chevalier, Kansas Sam, dkb, St. Simoleon of Swab, Anon..
Poem finished: 4th May 2006 by Chevalier.