The Spoonbill Generator

Vienna In Pencil

Fleeting vision, yesternight,       [Apsley ]

Postage due on tax - in flight       [Arnold the Sly Ape ]

Deadened by the praeterite       [loaf ]

Caustic comments, in the barn,       [Apsley ]

Terrorise the Aga Khan       [loaf ]

And reduce his cloak to yarn       [Apsley ]

Fleeting joys, the clench impure       [loaf ]

Oaring up and down the Ruhr       [Arnold the Sly Ape ]

Otherwise, an open sewer       [loaf ]

Loutish ladettes, on the pull       [Chevalier ]

In their brassières of wool       [loaf ]

And their monstrous briefs so full       [Apsley ]

Silent on the shadow'd steep       [loaf ]

Kafka looks into the deep       [Apsley ]

All around, the jackals sleep       [loaf ]

Afterlude:       [Apsley ]

Shadow'd on the silent stair       [loaf ]

Lies the road to ev'rywhere       [Chevalier ]

Contributors: Apsley, Arnold the Sly Ape, loaf, Chevalier.
Poem finished: 1st May 2006 by loaf.