The Spoonbill Generator

Attempts At Ironic Posturing

My bunny lies over the ocean       [loaf ]

Over the ocean so far       [Apsley ]

If she had half of a notion       [loaf ]

She would be less bizarre       [Apsley ]

Could she be silent and sober       [loaf ]

Sober as ever she might       [Apsley ]

Manic as old Manitoba       [loaf ]

Into the old frosty night       [Apsley ]

My bunny went over the limit       [loaf ]

Over the limit of dreams       [Apsley ]

Had she a lamp, I would dim it       [loaf ]

And bear it abruptly to Rheims       [Apsley ]

To kindle the pyre of a martyr       [loaf ]

A martyr as holy as hale       [Apsley ]

And tart as the tartiest Tartar       [loaf ]

Immersed in the runcible pail       [Apsley ]

My bunny was eaten at Easter       [loaf ]

Eaten at Easter by me       [Chevalier ]

By me, the Funereal Feaster       [loaf ]

And Master of All Jollity       [Apsley ]

Left in the lurch by Prince Rainier       [loaf ]

Than whom there's no rainier day       [Apsley ]

Doomed, like profane Pennsylvania       [loaf ]

In the path of The Appian Way       [Apsley ]

Contributors: loaf, Apsley, Chevalier.
Poem finished: 26th April 2006 by loaf.