The Spoonbill Generator

A Cynical Attitude Toward Roadrunners

Out here in the wasteland       [Chevalier ]

It's hard to survive       [F ]

Birds on the run       [Helen Owly ]

No one to high-five       [F ]

Gathering and hunting       [will h ]

Squirrels and seeds       [Chevalier ]

Acme delivers       [Helen Owly ]

And coyotes bleed       [Karin ]

Scurrying and fleeing       [F ]

Government men       [Chevalier ]

Faceless, robotic       [F ]

It's hard to stay Zen       [Chevalier ]

Female companionship       [F ]

Comes on four legs       [will h ]

While I 'come' on two       [F ]

Machine-chamfered eggs       [Chevalier ]

Oh, I want to go home!       [F ]

It's no fun out here       [Chevalier ]

Sun-burned and parched       [Kansas Sam ]

Craving pizza and beer.       [will h ]

I can't hail a taxi       [F ]

I can't rein a horse       [Grayman ]

Conspiracies reign.       [will h ]

I'm barking, of course.       [Chevalier ]

Contributors: Chevalier, F, Helen Owly, will h, Karin, Kansas Sam, Grayman.
Poem finished: 21st April 2006 by F.