The Spoonbill Generator

Each Circle Will Shake

Judicious combination       [Surlaw ]

Brings to this nation       [Apsley ]

A diet of worms       [Surlaw ]

Delicious fried and battered       [Apsley ]

Before the weal is shattered       [Surlaw ]

On its dreaded terms       [Apsley ]

Infernal infestation       [Surlaw ]

Leads to indignation       [Apsley ]

Laced with false alarms       [Surlaw ]

Pernicious judge and jury       [Apsley ]

Linked in tepid fury       [Surlaw ]

At what Justice harms       [Apsley ]

Thus in final fashion       [Surlaw ]

Spent of all our passion       [Apsley ]

Celebrants concur       [Surlaw ]

Judicious are our motives       [Apsley ]

Offered are our votives       [Surlaw ]

To the Iron Cur       [Apsley ]

Contributors: Surlaw, Apsley.
Poem finished: 20th April 2006 by loaf.