The Spoonbill Generator

Seeing As We Amuse Your Garden

Oh raucous bleating       [Surlaw ]

Plastic sheeting       [Shipp ]

Ordure on the wind       [Surlaw ]

Punishing the blind       [Apsley ]

Oh straining soil       [Surlaw ]

Unrefined oil       [Apsley ]

Strung across the lane       [Surlaw ]

Since yesterday       [Apsley ]

Oh savage oak       [Surlaw ]

Spoilt my toque       [Apsley ]

Oh tattered halter       [Surlaw ]

Soon you'll falter...       [Apsley ]

Oh ...       [Surlaw ]

Oh!?       [Apsley ]

Contributors: Surlaw, Shipp, Apsley.
Poem finished: 29th March 2006 by Surlaw.