The Spoonbill Generator

To Dissuade Potential Consumers

You claim that you've heard it before       [loaf ]

That nothing's new under the sun       [Chevalier ]

The drill is a bit of a bore       [loaf ]

And the wife is a bit of a nun       [Kansas Sam ]

But the nun is a bit of all right       [loaf ]

And the rite can in no way be wrong       [Chevalier ]

And the minder is far out of sight       [loaf ]

Yet the site is entirely mine, dear.       [will h ]

And summer is sure to be long       [loaf ]

You claim that you've known it for years       [Chevalier ]

You're not feeling over the moon       [loaf ]

Your liver's quelled too many beers       [Kansas Sam ]

And the bier will be calling you soon       [loaf ]

But soon you'll be calling for more       [Chevalier ]

And the moral is only too plain       [loaf ]

If you don't learn from what's gone before       [Chevalier ]

The regrets are entirely thine, dear:       [loaf ]

And you'll do it all over again       [Chevalier ]

Contributors: loaf, Chevalier, Kansas Sam, will h.
Poem finished: 29th March 2006 by loaf.