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Godliness In Three-four Time

He walked his widow home       [loaf ]

A shadow at her heels       [Chevalier ]

Wherever she might roam       [loaf ]

She took a jar of eels       [Apsley ]

In mercury, inert       [loaf ]

And bound on spindly wheels       [Apsley ]

He wore a fresh hair shirt       [loaf ]

Upon his shaven head       [Arnold the Sly Ape ]

The cross was daubed, in dirt       [loaf ]

She walked among the dead       [P ]

She sang a song of dust       [loaf ]

A prayer for those unwed       [P ]

He cursed the pow'rs unjust       [loaf ]

His fist raised to the sky       [F ]

In unrequited lust       [loaf ]

She said her first goodbye       [P ]

And let quicksilver spill       [loaf ]

Into her lover's eye       [Apsley ]

He felt a fateful chill       [P ]

And, jammed between the spokes       [loaf ]

He knew it was God's will       [P ]

Jehova loves his jokes       [Chevalier ]

The eel, perhaps, his best       [loaf ]

Or is all life a hoax?       [Chevalier ]

She ardently confessed       [loaf ]

Her passion for his son       [Apsley ]

The daughter of his breast       [loaf ]

He said she was the one       [Apsley ]

Her target, steel and slate       [loaf ]

The race was but half-run       [Chevalier ]

She fell from man's estate       [loaf ]

And lies beneath the loam       [Chevalier ]

Outside Jehova's gate       [loaf ]

Contributors: loaf, Chevalier, Apsley, Arnold the Sly Ape, P, F.
Poem finished: 16th March 2006 by P.