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The Protective Turnip, Terrified Of Nightmares, Is Already Failing Under My Tutelage

I had a date with a girl named Fred       [F ]

At least that's what his mother said       [Helen Owly ]

When she came round to warm the bed       [loaf ]

But I told the mom, "Please, step aside"       [F ]

And she replied, "I'm ten foot wide!"       [P ]

"And some folk call me 'mattress-eyed'"       [loaf ]

"But I," I said, "am fate made flesh!"       [P ]

Perhaps you know me as Ganesh?       [Chevalier ]

Who slew the Queen of Marrakesh       [loaf ]

At this she turned around and fled       [Chevalier ]

But matricide meant she'd be dead       [loaf ]

- That's all I know of the girl named Fred.       [P ]

Contributors: F, Helen Owly, loaf, P, Chevalier.
Poem finished: 9th March 2006 by loaf.