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Shogun Marmalade

Sveldt in someone's turban       [Surlaw ]

Harry Potter ran,       [Apsley ]

Through the dusk of Durban       [Surlaw ]

With The Other Man:       [Apsley ]

Never on the long side       [Surlaw ]

This side of to-day       [Apsley ]

Aiming for the wrong side       [Surlaw ]

Of what care I may       [Apsley ]

One of them was winning       [Surlaw ]

In the battle taut       [Apsley ]

Gaudy turban spinning       [Surlaw ]

As it rightly ought       [Apsley ]

Never on the boon dock       [Surlaw ]

'Fore the chime of noon       [Apsley ]

With a chunk of moon rock       [Surlaw ]

For to see you soon       [Apsley ]

Lissom in his toga       [Surlaw ]

Proud Nathaniel lounged       [Apsley ]

Stipend for his yoga       [Surlaw ]

(Which he'd slyly scrounged)       [Apsley ]

Clenched in his incisors;       [Surlaw ]

Harry Potter viewed him,       [Apsley ]

Hid behind his visors       [Surlaw ]

As the others slew him       [Apsley ]

Thus his story ended       [Surlaw ]

With a cup o' tea       [Apsley ]

No-one much pretended       [Surlaw ]

It had not been free       [Apsley ]

Harry Potter's failing       [Surlaw ]

(If failing it be)       [Apsley ]

Reminds us that, when ailing,       [Surlaw ]

There's little remedy       [Apsley ]

Contributors: Surlaw, Apsley.
Poem finished: 8th March 2006 by Surlaw.