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Chance Coupling Without The Responsibility

Massive friction, from her waist,       [Apsley ]

Was not enough for me;       [loaf ]

The fact that we were interlaced       [F ]

Was scarcely to the vicar's taste       [loaf ]

Who much preferred our harlots chaste       [Kansas Sam ]

When in captivity       [loaf ]

Liposuction, to my thighs,       [F ]

Has halved my faint allure       [loaf ]

But counterpoints my sunken eyes       [Chevalier ]

The breasts of nugatory size       [loaf ]

Have turned the heads of countless guys       [F ]

For reasons quite obscure       [loaf ]

Manic rantings, from your lips,       [F ]

Define you as a fool       [loaf ]

And when you offer all those tips       [F ]

The bones protruding from your hips       [Kansas Sam ]

Erode the stoutest cycle-clips       [loaf ]

You really are not cool       [Chevalier ]

Nepotism, when it comes       [loaf ]

Beats chronic unemployment       [Kansas Sam ]

But when our fingers count as thumbs       [loaf ]

The odds of muffing meager sums       [Kansas Sam ]

Increase, and all we gain is crumbs       [loaf ]

From relative annoyment       [Kansas Sam ]

Contributors: Apsley, loaf, F, Kansas Sam, Chevalier.
Poem finished: 6th March 2006 by F.