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Injunctions To The Barricades

Bring me the bones of a man who is broken       [Barry Foster ]

By the commands of a race that is pure       [Apsley ]

Paint me the shadow of insults unspoken       [loaf ]

By the pretenders whose scowls we endure       [Arnold the Sly Ape ]

Then shall the sky       [loaf ]

give way to the burden       [Barry Foster ]

Show me the darkness of someone gone mad       [will h ]

In the sickening cellars of Malory Towers       [loaf ]

Then claim that the IRS makes your heart glad       [F ]

As its innermost circle rehearses its powers       [loaf ]

Then you and I       [Chevalier ]

Shall carry the burden       [Barry Foster ]

Let us not shirk from condemning outright       [loaf ]

All the blameless, who hide behind virtue and truth       [Kansas Sam ]

And who feign such indifference to workaday plight       [loaf ]

As they drown olive sorrows in gin and vermouth       [Kansas Sam ]

Lest they should die       [loaf ]

Borne down by the burden       [dkb ]

Envoi       [loaf ]

Nobody knows da trouble I seen; nobody knows but Jesus       [F ]

How ah'd love to quit this scene; but we jus' can't get de visas       [loaf ]

Contributors: Barry Foster, Apsley, loaf, Arnold the Sly Ape, will h, F, Chevalier, Kansas Sam, dkb.
Poem finished: 2nd March 2006 by F.