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Boots Were Made Before Souls

A basement, and a base intrigue       [Roland ]

A chalice and a chair       [TG ]

Three conjoined twins, in secret league       [Roland ]

Four harpies and a hare       [TG ]

Nothing but the truth, it seems       [Roland ]

Is but the stuff of idle dreams       [Chevalier ]

Through that cellar, twice a night       [Roland ]

A primate and a priest       [p ]

Chant holy writ by candlelight       [Chevalier ]

To waken the deceased       [p ]

Nothing but the end, they claim       [Roland ]

Will rid the world of sin and shame       [p ]

In that chair, before dawn breaks       [Roland ]

A minstrel and a mime       [TG ]

Commend such cures for pains and aches       [Roland ]

As stood the test of time       [TG ]

Nothing but Fortuna's wheel       [Roland ]

Will cause the gaping wound to heal       [TG ]

From that chalice, drop by drop       [Roland ]

A fluorescent fluid       [TG ]

Splashes on the gleaming top       [Roland ]

As ordained by the Druid       [TG ]

Nothing but the standing stone       [Roland ]

Can bear the mix of blood and bone       [TG ]

Contributors: Roland, TG, Chevalier, p.
Poem finished: 10th February 2006 by Roland.