The Spoonbill Generator

Who Prefers Bedsocks?

The little prophets of an idol-king       [(trad -ish) ]

Care not a whit for anything       [TG ]

Unless its head of brass and feet of clay       [Roland ]

Can keep the midnight ghosts at bay       [TG ]

Or dithering       [Roland ]

The hidden byways of an ancient town       [TG ]

Invisible by dale or down       [Roland ]

Can lead the innocent to parlous doors       [TG ]

Beyond the which all mortal laws       [Roland ]

Defy the Crown       [TG ]

Such vestibules, such atria, such halls       [Roland ]

The silken threads upon the walls       [TG ]

Betray the monster, bellowing within       [Roland ]

Whose taste for ichor, laced with gin,       [TG ]

Appals       [Roland ]

But we, who dare not leave the house by day,       [TG ]

Come midnight, do not dare to stay       [Roland ]

Outside the safety of the inner keep       [TG ]

Nor yet in dream-infested sleep       [Roland ]

Keep ghosts at bay       [TG ]

Contributors: (trad -ish), TG, Roland.
Poem finished: 10th February 2006 by Roland.