The Spoonbill Generator

Handy Men Poised With Unguents

If beating fleas was my habit       [jm ]

I might as well be a rabbit       [Chevalier ]

With ointment sometimes I'll dab it       [F ]

And gab as Hayes, "Dagnabbit!"       [Kansas Sam ]

If sabers only could stab it       [F ]

We'd have occasion to grab it       [Chevalier ]

In London town I often cab it.       [Nigel Sly ]

Then afterwards will blab it       [F ]

If eating peas was my mission       [Chevalier ]

I'd split 'em without fission       [Kansas Sam ]

With the gals sometimes I'm dishin'       [F ]

With the guys I just go fishin'       [Chevalier ]

And as I dream about my starfish       [Jeff Foster ]

My tummy's feeling snarfish       [Helen Owly ]

Contributors: jm, Chevalier, F, Kansas Sam, Nigel Sly, Jeff Foster, Helen Owly.
Poem finished: 29th January 2006 by F.