The Spoonbill Generator

At Equal Intervals

The other day (or was it night?)       [p ]

The moon (or else the sun)       [Roland ]

Turned blue (can that be right?)       [p ]

We walked (or did we run?)       [Roland ]

Beside the lake (or sea)       [TG ]

For several hours (or one)       [Roland ]

Then you (or was it me?)       [TG ]

Being tired (or wide awake)       [Roland ]

Took forty winks (or three)       [TG ]

O slimy sea (or lake)       [Roland ]

We cried (or did we sing?)       [TG ]

Then ducked (or did we drake?)       [Roland ]

The ducks took flight (or wing)       [TG ]

Took wing (or else took flight)       [Roland ]

The End (or some such thing)       [TG ]

Contributors: p, Roland, TG.
Poem finished: 25th January 2006 by Roland.