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They May Well Abandon Ship

Kansas Sam, Beefy, Will H, Karin, Grayman et al.       [F ]

(Though Al has not been seen for quite a while)       [Chevalier ]

Hitched a ride on a wagon to far-off Nepal       [F ]

But fell off ere they'd gone half a mile       [Chevalier ]

All eyes fell on Al, who'd unbalanced the cart;       [will h ]

(He'd always been a misfit, and now this)       [F ]

He tried hard to think up a witty retort       [Chevalier ]

But his wit was, at best, hit or miss.       [will h ]

"This mishap could engender a poem," said Will       [F ]

(Poor boy is quite deluded, seems to me)       [Chevalier ]

"We've got," said Ms. F, "this Pegleg space to fill"       [F ]

But have we got the talent? We shall see.       [Chevalier ]

Al, though, had a cutlass - and some taste       [Kansas Sam ]

(For l(l)ama--both the one l and the two)       [F ]

He kept it fastened snugly at his waist       [Chevalier ]

And would brandish it at Sam (and Beefy, too)       [F ]

In spite of the terrible start, they set off once more       [Chevalier ]

(Gumption--a persevering lot were they)       [F ]

But promptly fell out over who went before       [Chevalier ]

And who after and why and who'd pay       [F ]

And so 'twas agreed they'd abandon the plan and go       [Chevalier ]

(Though Karin and the Grayman said, "Let's stay!")       [F ]

But said they'd try later, which just goes to show       [Chevalier ]

That tomorrow's, after all, another day       [F ]

Contributors: F, Chevalier, will h, Kansas Sam.
Poem finished: 14th January 2006 by Kansas Sam.