The Spoonbill Generator

How Silently, How Clumsily

Behold, the Fifth Amendment       [Surlaw ]

To the Third Account of Rights!       [Apsley ]

No sooner was it written, than       [Surlaw ]

Bold Thompson smashed the lights:       [Apsley ]

The filament, of tungsten hue       [Surlaw ]

And wrought by Bessie Smith,       [Apsley ]

Recalls horizons bold and brash       [Surlaw ]

And the old Adamic myth:       [Apsley ]

Pandora, in her early days       [Surlaw ]

When stacking shelves at night,       [Apsley ]

Fell foul of one who ruled the roost       [Surlaw ]

And soon was out of sight:       [Apsley ]

He spoke of some forbidden box       [Surlaw ]

The like of which she knew       [Apsley ]

Was shut with seven secret locks       [Surlaw ]

And guarded by Old Hugh       [Apsley ]

Yet sometimes, when his guard was down       [Surlaw ]

And chafing at the bit,       [Apsley ]

She hazarded a subtle lunge       [Surlaw ]

At what the locks might fit       [Apsley ]

And where the key might lie concealed       [Surlaw ]

If she'd had half the time       [Apsley ]

At what arcana it might yield       [Surlaw ]

Of major dint or rhyme       [Apsley ]

So Thompson, on his tame gazelle       [loaf ]

And hands on haunches held,       [Apsley ]

Took umbrage; yet he took too much       [Surlaw ]

For him that day to meld       [Apsley ]

In paradigms of blazing art       [Surlaw ]

And canvasses of fire       [Apsley ]

Suggestive of a world apart       [Surlaw ]

Upon the highest wire       [Apsley ]

Contributors: Surlaw, Apsley, loaf.
Poem finished: 11th January 2006 by loaf.