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Winged Things That Reek Of Myrrh

In dreams of dimes and happenstance       [Kansas Sam ]

In Kansas City once       [Apsley ]

I strode beneath the Plaza Lights       [Kansas Sam ]

In glitt'ring frock and footless tights       [Chevalier ]

(One of my many stunts)       [F ]

A hapless medley made from chance       [Apsley ]

In Tulsa long ago       [F ]

Transformed the history of pop       [Chevalier ]

And made my mother date a fop       [Apsley ]

(Why did he call her 'ho?)       [F ]

And in some pancreatic dance       [loaf ]

In Yalta yesteryear       [F ]

It seemed the very Earth stood still       [Chevalier ]

And penguins, on some distant hill       [loaf ]

(Ellipses should go here)       [F ]

Novitiates might look askance       [will h ]

In New York City now       [Kansas Sam ]

The swarming crowds, the dropping ball       [F ]

The mayhem of the shopping mall       [loaf ]

(And Dick Clark there somehow)       [Kansas Sam ]

Contributors: Kansas Sam, Apsley, Chevalier, F, loaf, will h.
Poem finished: 2nd January 2006 by F.