The Spoonbill Generator

To Any Passing Critic

In opting for a blacker grey       [Roland ]

With floor-length skirt and neckline high       [TG ]

Her majesty appears to say       [Roland ]

That those who suffer 'neath her sway       [TG ]

Are certain soon to die       [Roland ]

Unless they have an alibi       [TG ]

Whom none can well gainsay       [Roland ]

Her royal highness, once a week,       [TG ]

Before the wardrobe-master's eye       [Roland ]

Will rarefy her gaunt physique       [TG ]

In fashion odious and oblique       [Roland ]

As languid hours pass by       [TG ]

And darkness quells the greying sky       [Roland ]

And scrapes the blushing cheek       [TG ]

Contributors: Roland, TG.
Poem finished: 15th November 2005 by loaf.