The Spoonbill Generator

Here Is Owl

Glimpsed through barbed wire       [Roland ]

The Spoonbill seemed in need of meds       [Arnold the Sly Ape ]

Like a leper Messiah       [TW Duke ]

Trudging toeless, shod in Keds       [Arnold the Sly Ape ]

And ambushed at the bulwark of desire       [Roland ]

Glimpsed through desire       [Arnold the Sly Ape ]

That hellish choir       [Roland ]

Turqoise paint adorns       [Apsley ]

The crown of Erstwhile Thorns       [Roland ]

As an azure Mary       [Apsley ]

Sings The Blue Canary       [loaf ]

Plosives dance in Puddles       [Arnold the Sly Ape ]

Cacti long for cuddles       [loaf ]

Diptychs full of Angels       [Apsley ]

Sing until my brain gels       [P ]

Contributors: Roland, Arnold the Sly Ape, TW Duke, Apsley, loaf, P.
Poem finished: 7th November 2005 by Roland.