The Spoonbill Generator

Pending Further Guests

Does anybody come here any more?       [Chevalier ]

The Unknown Chevalier did ask       [F ]

From under his concealing mask       [Chevalier ]

Is this the first he's darkened Pegleg's door?       [will h ]

Who knows? But seems he's washed up on our shore       [F ]

Who is it lurks beneath that thin disguise?       [Chevalier ]

Another poetaster, yes?       [F ]

Whose name it is not hard to guess       [Chevalier ]

It oft is murmured 'mid the maidens' sighs       [F ]

And surely will not come as great surprise       [Chevalier ]

Is that his shadow, cast so far and wide?       [Helen Owly ]

We seem to recognise the shape       [Chevalier ]

Rotundity, so like a grape       [F ]

If penned, will his large corpus be denied?       [Helen Owly ]

Only if unearthed and then decried       [F ]

How has he found our well-concealèd page?       [Chevalier ]

Daemon or learned sage is he?       [F ]

Paid to play, or here for free?       [Helen Owly ]

His savoir faire's not difficult to gauge       [F ]

Has he poetic urges yet to suage?       [willh ]

Contributors: Chevalier, F, will h, Helen Owly, willh.
Poem finished: 23rd October 2005 by F.