The Spoonbill Generator

Any Extreme Prognostication Except

You - a loan - are the Most High!       [Apsley ]

The counting-master howled       [Roland ]

In Latin to the waiting throng       [Apsley ]

Who, often disembowelled,       [Roland ]

Gave, as one, a most loud sigh       [Apsley ]

After Vespers, Clive Sinclair       [Roland ]

And Members of his Team       [Apsley ]

Set foot across the Upper Air       [Roland ]

And filled the Room with Steam       [Apsley ]

(as substitute for song)       [Roland ]

In the end where bugles dared       [Chevalier ]

He loosed a playful blast       [Roland ]

Which sounded through the centuries       [Chevalier ]

From future into past       [Roland ]

Loud and clear, but no-one cared       [Chevalier ]

Contributors: Apsley, Roland, Chevalier.
Poem finished: 27th September 2005 by Roland.