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Our Leather-Bound Archipelago Swept Clean

Returning to my spawning-grounds       [Roland ]

With pockets full of lime       [Apsley ]

I stumbled on the burial mounds       [Roland ]

The ancient, sacred burial mounds       [Chevalier ]

I'd heard about in rhyme       [Apsley ]

As one who, lacking purpose, creeps       [Roland ]

With biscuits and a brush,       [Apsley ]

I happened on the charnel heaps       [Roland ]

The lonely, wistful charnel heaps       [Apsley ]

Where beauty lacks a blush       [Roland ]

For beauty needs the absent care       [Apsley ]

That cherishes the blame       [Roland ]

And chances on the secrets rare       [Apsley ]

The barely-fathomed secrets rare       [Roland ]

That Chaucer saw in Fame       [Apsley ]

When, on the icy mountain's brink       [Roland ]

With snowfalls all around,       [Apsley ]

He spilt a single drop of ink       [Roland ]

A staining, running drop of ink       [Apsley ]

Of pattern quite profound       [Roland ]

That pattern symboilses Fate       [Chevalier ]

Yet cannot be construed       [Roland ]

By those who only pullulate       [Apsley ]

Who dimly, faintly pullulate       [Roland ]

In fashions strange and rude       [Apsley ]

While aping those who went before       [Roland ]

With walnuts and a whip       [Apsley ]

And scarcely red in tooth or claw       [Bex ]

An aching, gouging tooth or claw       [Apsley ]

That scars the pouting lip       [Roland ]

Returning from my spawning-grounds       [Apsley ]

With pack bereft of loam       [Roland ]

I hastened from the burial mounds       [Apsley ]

The dubious, plastic burial bounds       [Roland ]

That Fulham has at home       [Apsley ]

The journey, once so full of pride       [Roland ]

With withal my scheme       [Apsley ]

Was now a tiresome, pointless ride       [Roland ]

A bruising, teasing pointless ride       [Apsley ]

Unworthy any dream       [Roland ]

Contributors: Roland, Apsley, Chevalier, Bex.
Poem finished: 7th September 2005 by Apsley.