The Spoonbill Generator

To Study All Known Colonies

Pleonasms get me down       [Apsley ]

Towards the break of day       [Roland ]

When thoughts turn to new-mown hay       [Apsley ]

And faces turn to frown       [Roland ]

To my dismay       [Apsley ]

Litotes leaves me not unmoved       [Chevalier ]

Although I should explain       [Roland ]

That thoughts turn around my brain       [Apsley ]

That cannot quite be proved       [Roland ]

To be in vain       [Apsley ]

Neologisms clogue my wryne       [Roland ]

When freezing in the rain       [Apsley ]

And though the dandring-hust be plain       [Roland ]

In Humpty-Dumpty's line       [Apsley ]

I'm the stain       [Roland ]

I wish I'd studied how to parse       [Chevalier ]

When I could have my way       [Apsley ]

With different maidens every day       [Chevalier ]

In other people's cars       [Roland ]

But not today       [Chevalier ]

Contributors: Apsley, Roland, Chevalier.
Poem finished: 31st August 2005 by Roland.