The Spoonbill Generator

Heathen Lent

Ingest this canapé of grime?       [Apsley ]

I'd rather chew on stone       [Roland ]

And, as I have, before my time,       [Apsley ]

I'd face the bill alone       [Roland ]

I'd face it in a force-eight gale       [Apsley ]

If time were on my side       [Roland ]

And, as I have, forsake all ale       [Apsley ]

And turn to cyanide       [Roland ]

I'd never let my feelings show       [Chevalier ]

Without official leave       [Roland ]

For that - to me - would be a blow       [Apsley ]

Without which I should grieve       [Roland ]

And why should I this party dim       [Apsley ]

When light offends all eyes       [Roland ]

Fill to the brink apace with scrim       [Apsley ]

The vol-au-vents and pies?       [Roland ]

I'll have you know I serve good fare       [Apsley ]

My vessels, spick and span       [Roland ]

Their names, and eek my underwear       [Apsley ]

Come from the Isle of Man       [Chevalier ]

Envoi:       [Apsley ]

Yes, Isle of Man, and man loves me       [Roland ]

Despite my love for anchovy       [Apsley ]

Contributors: Apsley, Roland, Chevalier.
Poem finished: 1st August 2005 by Roland.