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Tantric Diagrams

The empty vest had seen some times       [Apsley ]

Before this suit began       [Roland ]

Against the Maker of All Rhymes       [Apsley ]

by cruel, ungrateful Man       [Roland ]

They asked him for his point of view       [Apsley ]

While stringing him along       [Roland ]

Their hapless victim little knew       [Chevalier ]

That GBH was wrong       [Roland ]

And so he told a tale of crimes       [Apsley ]

That Heaven could not hold       [Roland ]

And rendered thus old Peter Grimes       [Apsley ]

Indifferent to cold       [Roland ]

Their bent for mindless colloquy       [Putterer ]

Displeased a rival gang       [Roland ]

And brought them low in obloquy,       [Apsley ]

From Pinner to Penang       [Roland ]

The empty vest renounced the chase       [Apsley ]

And scoured his wardrobe dry       [Roland ]

In search of just the very place       [Apsley ]

To hang an alibi       [Roland ]

Yet, in his haste, he near forgot       [Apsley ]

(In Peter Grimes's words)       [Roland ]

The pounding of the ocleot       [Apsley ]

The mulching of the birds       [Roland ]

The squawking of the red-nosed guff       [Apsley ]

A-nesting in a shrub       [Chevalier ]

Is seldom really quite enough       [Roland ]

To make me blub and blub       [Apsley ]

But if a vest, no longer full       [Roland ]

Of energy and wiles,       [Apsley ]

Should ravel up its uncured wool       [Roland ]

Then will accrue some smiles!       [Apsley ]

Contributors: Apsley, Roland, Chevalier, Putterer.
Poem finished: 30th July 2005 by Roland.