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Another Bodleian Peroration Fails

If it hadn't been for the eighteenth green       [Chevalier ]

What we did would be obscene       [Apsley ]

With the caddie's back turned, as the axe came down       [Roland ]

We splattered good ladies all over town       [Apsley ]

And all for the want of three ha'pence of lard       [Roland ]

And a decent par score on our incoming card       [Apsley ]

But lo!       [Roland ]

And Huzzah!       [Apsley ]

We are what we are.       [The Empty Vest ]

Celebrate, with us, what it is       [Apsley ]

And what it might become       [Chevalier ]

And so ...       [Roland ]

Ignite this torch with wisdom       [Apsley ]

Such as it is       [Roland ]

Contributors: Chevalier, Apsley, Roland, The Empty Vest.
Poem finished: 22nd July 2005 by Chevalier.