The Spoonbill Generator

Highways, Byways, Afterthoughts

Kaleidoscopes in bronze and zinc       [Roland ]

Colonoscopes in blue and pink       [F ]

Reviled by kings of yore;       [Roland ]

Their netherparts were rather sore       [F ]

Yet Preparations A through G       [Helen Owly ]

Confounded by stupidity       [Roland ]

Were readily applied to me       [Apsley ]

And postcards from the brink of hell       [Roland ]

That urged Carrie Fisher to smell       [Apsley ]

The roses on the way       [Chevalier ]

Their netherparts were somewhat grey       [Roland ]

But, counting backwards 9 to 1,       [Apsley ]

Confounded by the lack of fun       [Roland ]

I swiftly ate a currant-bun       [Apsley ]

Contributors: Roland, F, Helen Owly, Apsley, Chevalier.
Poem finished: 11th July 2005 by Roland.