The Spoonbill Generator

As Luck Would Habit

Strange transmissions - from the sun -       [Apsley ]

"I Love Lucy" - a brand new one!       [asdf ]

Lead us to believe       [Beefy ]

That Ethel and Fred were granted reprieve       [Will H ]

For God shows mercy, now and then,       [P ]

To wacky neighbors (the least of men)       [Kansas Sam ]

Please don't make me heave       [F ]

Brand new missions - for the crew -       [Beefy ]

Where "Lost in Space" they catch the flu       [F ]

On a distant star       [Beefy ]

The earthlings entrapped in a Mason jar       [F ]

Await the coming of the Swarm       [TG ]

Of Doctors Smith, now suave and warm       [Kansas Sam ]

How cool those movies are!       [Beefy ]

Lurid admissions - from Mr. Spock -       [Will H ]

Caused watching Trekkies quite a shock       [Beefy ]

To have him confess       [will h ]

That he liked, now and then, to don a dress       [F ]

And wander through the Enterprise       [Beefy ]

Under the lustful gaze of Jim Kirk's eyes       [Karin ]

(Jim used to call him "Tess")       [Beefy ]

Contributors: Apsley, asdf, Beefy, Will H, P, Kansas Sam, F, TG, Karin.
Poem finished: 26th March 2005 by will h.