The Spoonbill Generator

Dog-biscuit Dunking

I paid for all this road myself       [Roland ]

From my enormous stealthy wealth       [Apsley ]

In hope that harridan and whore       [Roland ]

Will meet me on the yonder shore       [F ]

To celebrate the breaking day       [Beefy ]

And drown themselves in Chardonnay       [Roland ]

To my own true delight       [Apsley (sounding tra ]

They built it out of tar and lime       [Beefy ]

And several pails of rancid slime       [Roland ]

In hope that termagant and drab       [Beefy ]

Would meet them at the Smash'n'Grab       [Roland ]

To whoop it up with beer and gin       [F ]

And let them get beneath their skin       [Roland ]

Somehow it just ain't right       [F ]

And then, as the Policemen slept       [Roland ]

The planners and the workers wept       [TG ]

In hope that courtesan and crone       [Roland ]

Would cease to grovel and to moan       [F ]

Until they found a proper cause       [Roland ]

It's time to pass a few more laws       [F ]

For workers of the night       [Beefy ]

Contributors: Roland, Apsley, F, Beefy, Apsley (sounding tra, TG.
Poem finished: 28th February 2005 by Roland.