The Spoonbill Generator

Still, Inkpots Leave Stains

Will you be f***ing p***ed if I use asterisks?       [F ]

My answer, my sweet, must clearly be "No"       [Beefy ]

There's a reason I like to view obelisks       [F ]

Though my passion's resulted in several slipped discs       [Beefy ]

I still can't divest myself of my M.O.       [F ]

Would I be failing or passed if I made myself clear?       [Beefy ]

I really must try to enunciate       [F ]

There's a reason that fear is, itself, what I fear       [Kansas Sam ]

I'm just so afraid to offend you, my dear,       [Beefy ]

That I come too early instead of too late       [F ]

Would you prefer that I shilly and shally and sta-sta-sta-stammer?       [Kansas Sam ]

What you will--if you heebie my jeebies       [F ]

There's nothing that cannot be fixed with a hammer       [Beefy ]

Including the Brits who would rhyme here with 'drama'       [F ]

Thus proving that in life there are no freebies       [Beefy ]

Envoi       [Roland ]

Ahoy!       [F ]

Contributors: F, Beefy, Kansas Sam, Roland.
Poem finished: 21st February 2005 by Roland.